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Bombardier ATV Parts Are No More!

Don't panic. If you're searching for Bombardier ATV parts and are having problems finding them, it's not that they're not being manufactured anymore or that your ATV is no longer being supported. Your Bombardier ATV can still be repaired, upgraded, or accessorized to your heart's content.

Bombardier ATV parts are now being made under the name Can-Am. This change was made company-wide in 2007.

Under the new Can-Am name, Bombardier ATV parts are still being manufactured and distributed for whatever model or line of ATV you own. Can-Am is an industry leader when it comes to supporting their lines.

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For example, Bombardier ATV parts are covered by a 3-year warranty, which doesn't seem like much to everyday auto drivers, but you need to remember the punishment that ATV parts go through. There is a huge difference between driving a car on the road and slamming an ATV through mud and rocky terrain. The brutal punishment that ATVs take would be enough to ruin any driving machine after only a few months, but Bombardier believes in their products. This warranty for Bombardier ATV parts is like none in the industry, and is one of the reasons that Can-Am is a leader in the world of ATV riders.

Supported by the long history of Bombardier ATV parts and their product line, the Can-Am 2008 racing team is taking shape with each passing day. According to their recent press release, "Racing SuperQuad Pro 450 for Warnert Racing / Can-Am X-Team will be reigning champion John Natalie. This multi-time ATV champion will race a DS 450 in defense of his 2007 championship. He says he has one goal in mind: 'to win championships'. He will also race selected ATVA GNC races on non-conflicting race weekends. Natalie is known as the "Ironman" because of his unrelenting strength and tenacity on the race track: combined with the DS 450 ATV, this will be a hard combination to beat.

Racing alongside Natalie in the SuperQuad Pro 450 class will be up-and-coming racer Cody Miller. As the 2007 SuperQuad Pro-Am 450 champion, Miller knows what it takes to be fast enough and consistent enough to win a championship. He brings that skill and poise to the Pro class in 2008 and will be a force to be reckoned with on his DS 450."

Can-Am is obviously a name to be reckoned with in the ATV racing circuit, and is one that can be relied on for ATV lovers worldwide. Just because they are no longer known as Bombardier ATV parts doesn't mean that the company has turned its back on this sport. Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc., has a portfolio of brands and products which include Ski-Doo® and Lynx™ snowmobiles, Sea-Doo® watercraft and sport boats, Evinrude® and Johnson® outboard engines, direct injection technologies such as Evinrude E-TEC®, Can-Am™ all-terrain vehicles and roadsters, as well as Rotax® engines and karts.

So don't fret if you can't immediately find your Bombardier ATV parts. The name may be different, but the quality and brand loyalty has stayed the same.










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