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Can-Am ATV Parts Reflect Their New Lineup

In 2007 Bombardier renamed their ATV line of products to Can-Am ATV Parts. Under this revived brand, they are offering four different model lines: Renegade, Outlander, DS and Youth.

When talking about the new line of Can-Am ATV parts, note that the Renegade has two models, the Renegade 800 and Renegade 500. With EFI engines, revised front and rear long-travel suspensions with HPG shocks, and cutting-edge wheel and tire combinations, these models are perfect for any all-terrain pursuits.

The Renegade quad is equipped with the Visco-Lok four-wheel drive system, strong and lightweight Surrounding Spar Technology (SST) frame, and a winch-capable front bumper. All of these are supported by Can-Am ATV parts.

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The new Can-Am lineup is heating up the ATV boards and forums like never before. The Outland and Renegade both are getting rave reviews from long-time ATV lovers as well as those new to the sport. Many feel that the Can-Am 450s are going to tear up the 2008 racing season.

When considering the Can-Am line, remember that there is more available to you than just Can-Am ATV parts. Can-Am also has a line of X-Team Cross Pants available for your riding and ATV comfort. They are made of breathable, water-resistant materials, some of the best in the industry. Their mesh lining and zippered vents will keep you cool and dry. And, they have a Teflon coating – that's right, just like the cookware – to help them shed water, dirt, and mud when you're out on your ATV.

If you drive a Can-Am DS 450, you may want to consider these pants as part of your Can-Am ATV parts lineup. Molded rubber details and perforated leather reinforcements at the knees are strategically placed to match the riding position of the DS 450. And unlike generic motocross pants, the stretch panels at the crotch and lower back are waterproof for when the going gets muddy. There’s even a special cell phone pouch inside the right cargo pocket to call your non-ATV loving friends and tell them how much fun you're having!

Whether you're new to the world of ATVs or are just starting out, you would definitely want to consider the Can-Am line. Power, speed, agility, and just plain old good looks are trademarks of what was once the Bombardier line, and these traits have been carried over to the Can-Am name. There is just no other ATV like it on the road – that is, off the road – today.

Can-Am ATV parts are available just about anywhere Bombardier models and parts were initially sold, including Can-Am ATV parts dealers online and new ATV retailers. If you need something cosmetic, something to boost your power, or just replacement parts, Can-Am is one name that you can definitely trust for quality ATV experiences













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